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27 September 2018 - 28 September 2018
Rende, Italy
Cultural Heritage Matchmaking @ SuperScienceMe 2018

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking @ SuperScienceMe

offers a forum for matching advanced cultural heritage technologies, innovation demand of cultural institutions and cities, novel applications from SMEs, and technical challenges of large companies.

The event is held in conjunction with the fifth edition of the researcher night exhibition “SuperScienceMe 2018”, jointly organised by all Calabrian universities and Institutes of the National Research Council, and Calabria Region.

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking offers participants the opportunity to meet new international cooperation and business partners for joint research projects, business ideas and technology transfer in pre-scheduled meetings.  

In addition to the B2B sessions (see the participants), the event offers other exchange and discussion opportunities with a Seminar Program (Thematic workshop & Conference) a Demo Area (visit the Demo & Seminars page).

The event is organised by SPIN together with a large group of Enterprise Europe Network members and with the collaboration of regional and national operators. CHM2018 is part of the events supporting the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

How to participate 

1. Online registration | until 22th  September 2018

2. Set up a profile

3. Request meetings | 27th August 2018 - 24th September 2018

4. Join the face-to-face pre-scheduled meetings | 27th-28th September

The participation is free of charge. 


  • companies;
  • universities and research institutions, technology centres;
  • public and private cultural operators, such as museums, libraries, parks, foundations, etc.;
  • technological clusters, innovation agencies;
  • local and regional government representatives, policy makers.

Main topics

  • non-invasive techniques for identification and diagnostics of artefacts;
  • advanced techniques for surveys of archaeological sites;
  • tools and techniques for underwater archaeology (detection, recovery, treatment, etc.);
  • advanced monitoring techniques, including ambient conditions and natural risks (eg., seismic events);
  • virtual restauration, simulation, virtual environments;
  • knowledge management and AI for classification, management and valorisation of cultural heritage assets;
  • software tools for planning and managing complex operations;
  • innovative experiences for the valorisation of cultural assets;
  • innovative installations and fruition mechanisms;
  • cultural tourism.




Organizers of the main event - SuperScienceMe 2018

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87036 Rende, Italy
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Participants 95
Meetings 156
Italy 98
Spain 3
Bosnia And Herzegovina 2
China 1
Portugal 1
Greece 1
Germany 1
Total 107
Company 43
University 13
R&D Institution 8
Innovation Agency 4
Public Authority / Government 9
Cultural Institution 10
Cultural Operator 6
Other 14
Total 107